Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014

KW Farms
Lucas' farrowing house - April, 2014
San Luis Valley, Colorado
Summer Solstice, 2014

     Happy summer!  Here's a photograph of Lucas Salazar's farrowing house this spring.  The picture was taken in April, and it is a perfect depiction of what summer's like in the San Luis Valley -  like you have one too many piglets for the faucets you got.  Summers here are fast and furious.   Just a lot to do in a very short amount of time!  It's all good, productive, rewarding.  Just a lot of it.
We HEART bugs
     We have freezing nights well into May and June, have even weathered freezing fireworks on July 4th.  So, it's a difficult place for farrowing pigs.  Cattle and sheep are easier with their heavy coats, but pigs need more cover.  Lucas has a farrowing house, but he's thinking about a cave, sort of like an old style potato warehouse, with a sod roof.  I'd like him to have a balcony like the little chalet in Heidi.  The sows could go out there when they need a break.  Share a little lager.  Let their imaginations drift off to the mountains...
     There's something about our climate and growing conditions that make for great produce and forage.  Makes for the BEST carrots and broccoli and all kinds of vegetables - and alfalfa that dairymen seek out from all over the world because it makes such great milk.
Organic Jack

     We feed a lot of animals forage, some unintentionally, namely jack rabbits, that can get quite sizable.  Bothe saw a jack rabbit (picture right) in the field, lying down in one of the sprinkler wheel tracks, lounging with its feet in a puddle.  The damn thing was so big, at first, Bothe thought it was Clarence Kooiman, the electrician who's been working with us since we started in 1990.  Were it not for Clarence we couldn't keep our decrepit sprinklers going.  But, he keeps them going and keeps himself going so steadily we never see him slack off.  Bothe thought that for once he'd caught Clarence taking a little siesta, right up there in the wheel track.  Then he saw the ears twitch and knew it wasn't a man. It was a bunny.  A real big bunny. Five feet tall if it was an inch.
     That's the kind of forage we've got.  Makes you hungry just lookin' at it.
      We've got our first order to deliver to the Alamosa Farmer's Market, starting up July 5.  We're excited about it.  If you know you're going to be around, just put in an order here on this website and we'll bring it to you at the market.  We love doing that.
     We love summer and hope you do, too.  Let us hear from you.  We'll still be making our deliveries to Denver, Boulder, Santa Fe, Ranchos de Albuquerque, and Albuquerque.  See schedule below.  And HEY!  SOMEONE VOLUNTEERED TO HOST US IN ALBUQUERQUE, BUT I CAN'T FIND MY NOTES.  WILL YOU REMIND ME?
     Summer.  It's busy.

The Colonel's passion:  you are what you eat
Our deliveries:

August 30, 2014 -
  Bailey - 10:00  Bailey Post Office  
  Denver - 11:00  To be determined
  Boulder - 1:00pm  To be determined
  Colorado Springs - 4:00pm  Safeway Grocery
       6520 S Academy Blvd  80906 -  - SE corner        of parking lot

 September 6, 2014 -
   Santa Fe - 10:00am   To be determined
   Ranchos de Albuquerque - 11:30am
        To be determined
   Albuquerque - 1:00pm   To be determined

 SLV -  July 5 - October 4 -
   Monte Vista Farmer's Market on Fridays
   Alamosa Farmer's Market on Saturdays