Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Note, 2014

KW Farms
Happy cows movin' on to new grass - taken by Bothe
Alamosa, Colorado
Spring, 2014

We have a cadre of customers who've been with us since we began selling meat directly to people, instead of by the truckload to a wholesaler.  Been with us ten or twelve years since back when we were selling halves and quarters.  We thought of this group of customers as our termite crew, burrowing tunnels underneath to collapse the world of feed lots and super mercados.

But, the feed lots and super mercados are still with us.  And really, it was much more positive than that.  No destruction necessary.  What they were actually doing was working out in the light, knitting a beautiful web, catching flies of interest for us.  They'd try a different cut, cook up a new recipe, fall in love with it, take pictures, write songs, put it out to friends and family, and voila!  There was our customer base.  It was the most glorious thing, and it's still growing that way.

Our last delivery up to Denver was at Laura Goldin's house, one of that original group of customers.  It was like going to visit Grandma, only Laura's not really old enough to be anybody's grandmother, much less ours. But, she is a grandma of our business.  And our deliveries are always like going to visit Grandma.  People gather to collect their order and there's a sweet exchange.  I noticed a couple of women chatting away and asked how they knew each other.  "Oh, we met at your delivery back in December.  Or was it November?"
In those early years, we made a transition from selling halves and quarters because they were cumbersome. Because lots of people don't have that much storage or that kind of cash all at once we began creating smaller bundles of twenty five and twelve lbs. We still needed to sell the whole animal, so we built those bundles on a representation of cuts from each animal.  So much roasts, so much steaks, a bunch of ground, and about six percent of organs or bones.  It amounted to about a lb. and a half per twenty five lb. bundle, and in the beginning we had to talk our customers through what to do with it.

Even though they are the least expensive cuts, the organs and bones truly have the greatest value, nutritionally speaking.  Over time, more people have become aware of this and over the past couple of years it has been common for us to run out of both bones and organs.

This has inspired us to further evolve the structure of our bundles.  Since most people who order organs and bones usually want greater quantities (and really, what can you do with a lb. and a half of bones?), we will only offer them as "a la carte" items, to be ordered by the cut.  They will no longer be part of the bundles.  We've raised the price of beef bones and organs $.50/lb.  The bundles will still be either twenty five or twelve lbs. and the price remains the same. (See the revised price list.)

Besides organs and bones, we've been entirely out of beef since that Denver delivery.  John took some animals down to Uncle Mel and they'll be ready before the next round of deliveries.  (See our upcoming delivery schedule and locations below.)   So, we'll have the full compliment of items indicated on the price list, but if you're interested in those one or few-of-a-kind items like tongue, rib roast, flank, or hanger steak (aka, hanging tender) be sure to get your order placed.